We specialize in Tansu ( Japanese chest ).

If you are looking for Tansu, why don’t you come and visit our store? We are one of few specialty store of Japanese antique furniture and have a stock of more than 100 tansu to sell, they are mostly made in Meiji(1868-1911) and Taisho(1912-1925) era.We offer repaired or refinished tansu done in our workshop right next to the showroom to hand to the next generation, suggesting coordinates that match not only Japanese tradiotional life but also modern interior.

Various kinds of Tansu

Isho tansu (clothes chests) for bride's household article for marriage ceremony, Choba tansu (merchant chests) were used by large merchant store, Mizuya tansu (kitchen chets) and Kaidan tansu (step chests) were used in daily lives. Every each of these tansu were made over 100 years before and have been used carefully and inherited from generation to generation for many years.

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